Welcome to the Student Registration Site for the teaching studio of Maria Flurry.

Please take a few minutes to review the documents related to this upcoming year here. Most important are the Year Intro letter, the teaching calendar and the studio policies.

After that, please register your student online here no later than July 22. I will be making the schedule for fall lessons on July 22. If you register after the deadline, you run the risk of not being included in the schedule.

After registration is complete and I have processed everything, you will be given lesson and musicianship class times.

Thank you very much!

Maria Flurry 

Your next step is to review the documents related to the studio. I encourage you to review the policies, the teaching calendar, and the group class introduction. Also, check for any other documents that may apply to the classes/lessons your child may be taking from me.

There is a lot of information here. Please feel free to
contact me with questions after you have read the documents that are relevant to your family.